Technical Support

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Which remote works with which motor?

All Motolux motors are compatible with all current remote controls in our range. Click here to check out our range of remote controls.

What should I do if my motor won’t work?

Hopefully it’s a simple problem with a quick solution. Try these trouble shooting tips first.

  1. Is your remote battery flat?
  2. If you have a DC powered motor, is it flat? Try plugging the motor into the charger for a minimum of 4 hours, or until the charge indicator turns green.

If your motor is still not functioning, the next step is to contact the retail provider who installed your window covering, and see if a technician is available to assess the problem. If the motor issue is something covered under the warranty, they will contact the Motolux team on your behalf.

Motolux doesn’t send technicians directly to service calls.

Do I need a rechargeable remote?

Yes. Due to recent regulatory changes regarding coin cell batteries and child safety in Australia, Motolux has taken the initiative to now only offer rechargeable remotes which are all fully compatible with all current Motolux motors. These rechargeable remotes are now available through Motolux retailers.

I am having trouble with the programming controls. Where can I get help?

Have you seen our new range of motor programming videos? If the written instructions are difficult to follow, our videos may be helpful. They are broken down into chapters to make it easier to find what you are looking for. You can also pause and rewind the videos at any time to follow along with the instructions at your own pace. Check out our video library here.

Which motor should I use for a very large window?

Motolux has a range of motors with options to suit all sizes, depending on the type of motorised window furnishing you are after. Our higher-powered range of 6Nm roller blind motors can power window blinds up to 24m2, depending on the weight of the fabric­. Dual curtain motors can power windows up to 15 m long, which again, depends on the weight of the fabric. The right motor for the job depends on a few factors! Check out our range of motors here or contact our team for more advice.

Which components do I need with my motor?

This will depend on the type of window furnishing you are motorising! If you are using a tubular roller blind motor, Motolux has a range of components that ensure our motors fit in almost any tube size. We also have an extensive range of accessory options depending on the type of power connection your motor uses. You can find out more here.

How do I set limits on my blinds?

If you are an installer and need to set mechanical or electronic limits, you may find our range of programming videos helpful. Navigate to the video that matches your motor and skip ahead in the chapters to the relevant instructions. You can access our video library here.

Can I motorise my existing Sunboss® Roller Blinds?

Yes, however it depends on the size and shape of the tube in your existing blinds. Motolux has a range of tube adaptors that will ensure the motors work with many different sizes of tube. However, it’s not always possible to motorise existing roller blinds. The best way to know for sure is to talk to a retail supplier of Motolux motors.

Can I motorise my existing curtains?

Curtain tracks need to be integrated with the curtain track motor, so unfortunately, you can’t motorise your existing curtains without changing the curtain track. You may be able to use the existing curtain fabric, however! It’s best to talk to a retail supplier of Motolux motors to find out what’s possible.

Where can I find information on motor and remote warranties?

Motolux motors come with a 5-year warranty* and Motolux remotes have a 2-year warranty*.