Solar Powered Sun and Wind Sensor

The Solar Powered Sun and Wind Sensor is user friendly by design, providing smooth operation, intelligent features and flexible installation methods.  This unit is completely wireless, recharging from the sun and sending signals to the motors by radio frequency (RF).  The Sensor automatically detects when sun intensity and/or wind speed exceed pre-programmed thresholds, then operates like a remote using the RF signal to Open or Close the window covering device.

Light (Lux) Sensor

The Light (Lux) Sensor Controller works with all RF type Motolux motors or RF receiver units. The sensor is attached to the inside of the window glass where it measures the intensity of the outside sunlight, whilst not obstructing the opening and closing of the window. The Light Sensor is able to control one motor or one group of motors, which will all operate simultaneously.  It has a built in rechargeable lithium battery, built in solar panel, a LCD display and can be turned off when not in use. It provides separate Summer and Winter modes of operation, to reverse the automatic opening and closing of the window covering product across the different seasons.